Plan to Eat

Although not easy to admit, I’m not a planner. But every time I’ve successfully completed a detox, I did plan meals and shopping for that time period. Since then, the weeks I plan my meals, I eat so much healthier. When I don’t, not a chance.

Here’s my planning process. I pick an evening where I’ve got time. Set aside a couple of hours because it can be time consuming. I have made Word documents with recipes on it. I copy and paste recipes I find online (and include the source so I remember) into a master recipe spreadsheet.

I then go through the flyers to find where the sales are. If there’s a really good deal on something, I make sure it’s on the plan for the week. I go through each day and slot the meals and snacks in, and copy and paste the recipe into the meal plan spreadsheet. It’s much easier to have all of the recipes for the week on one sheet. Don’t forget to account for leftovers! You can also note down if you need to prep one day for the next, for example, if you need to soak beans for Wednesday’s dinner, make a note on Tuesday.

Once the meal plan is complete, I go through the recipes and build my shopping list. I actually use the Grocery IQ app on my iPhone. It’s the only way I don’t leave my list at home!

I can be flexible during the week. I can change the days I cook certain meals, but I still have enough food for the week.

Click below for a sample of my weekly plan.

Sample weekly meal plan


5 responses to “Plan to Eat

  1. Have you read any books by Tosca Reno?? I have a few … let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get them to you. (somehow!)

  2. Hey Di!

    Just came back from shopping….I am drinking a Chocolate soy, Banana, strawberry and almond powder smoothie!! Delicious!

    Thanks for getting me started!!

  3. Emily – I haven’t heard of Tosca Reno. I’m going to look him (?) up. But I always love reading, so I’ll have to borrow them next time you’re in town!

  4. Tosca … “her”. She’s awesome! My inspiration for healthy lifestyle. She has some WONDERFUL recipies.

  5. I’m definitely going to check her out. Thanks for the tip! See, one day and someone has helped me already!

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