5 Reasons you should join me

I know, a detox sounds intimidating. But it really isn’t. If you must, think of it has a stepping stone to healthier eating rather than a “detox”. Still not helping? Here are the 5 reasons that I do it. These aren’t things I’ve read about – this is what I’ve actually experienced.

1. Energy. That is the single biggest benefit I’ve experienced from any detox I’ve done. So much so that I wonder why I get off the healthy eating train.

If you can only experience that amount of energy once, you’ll want to keep trying to find it again.

2. Clarity. Do you have a muddled brain, find it hard to concentrate? I do quite often. The mental clarity when your body is eating healthy food is amazing. It’s like putting on a new pair of glasses – the world just looks so much clearer. I know the detox is working when I start cleaning everything like mad!

3. Sleep. When I am on a detox, my sleep patterns are more natural. I get tired at night, I wake up earlier (and don’t feel as much like staying in bed). And I sleep through the night.

4. Feel happier. Yes, my mood gets better. Just ask anyone who has been on my team while I’ve done one of my detoxes. I smile more and am just overall happier. My dogs and partner sure appreciate it!

5. My skin glows. Wheat and dairy cause me to break out. So attractive when you’re and adult, isn’t it? I’ve been told many times on a detox that my skin is glowing. So doesn’t that make you feel better, happier as well?

Hmmm….these are things I need to remind myself about more often. Now they’re in black & white, I’ve got a constant reminder of why I need to be healthier.

I bet you thought I’d say lose weight, right! I have lost weight, but that has been to me just an added benefit. If I feel better, it’s way easier to lose weight along the way. And if my motivation is to feel better, I’m much more likely to keep the bigger picture in mind.

What are your reasons? Would love to hear them!


5 responses to “5 Reasons you should join me

  1. My reasons…I plan on beating this cancer and want to live a healthy life too… I remember my energetic self and I want her back..I also want the people I love to enjoy this as well!

  2. Wendy I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!

  3. Hi Diane,
    Well can you guarantee that detox will restore my memory (who am I again!) and my energy – you mean I can stay up past 8 p.m. You are right I have been trying to eat healthy for all my life. I think wow I did pretty good and guess what I just ate a whole Lindor’s chocolate Easter Bunny; isn’t chocolate good for you?
    A good friend of ours who is a type II diabetic just told us the benefit of taking apple cider vinegar (organic) before every meal; it has kept his blood sugars in more control. Look up on the web and I would love to hear your thoughts? All the best Love ya! xo

  4. Hi Sharon! Well, there are no guarantees about the memory, but you should be able to stay up past 8! I hate to say it, but the biggest culprit for me in my energy is drinking coffee. It’s a tough one to give up but I always feel better when I do.

    I’ve heard lots of good things about apple cider vinegar. I’ll do some research for sure. I have a smoothie recipe on the smoothie page, so that’s a great way to take it. My favourite salad dressing right now also uses apple cider vinegar, so there are great ways to incorporate it. Just make sure it’s “with mother” to get the full benefits.
    Love you too!

  5. I totally agree with your list … don’t know that I have much to add. The Clarity and Energy are the big ones for me.

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