Getting ready…the countdown

I think it’s better to have time to plan before starting a detox. When I did the first one, it was much easier getting off things one at a time rather than all at once. Of course that time, I quit smoking as well – that was a big one! This weekend, it will be one year since I smoked, and I went cold turkey doing a detox.

Bye Bye sweet liquid…I’ll see you in a while.

This week I’m trying out some recipes that I’ll add. I’m planning when I will drink wine for the last time (sad that’s the most bittersweet). Figuring out when I will quit coffee. I’ve been off coffee pretty much for the past 2 years, but do go back occasionally. I always quit because of how horrible I feel when I drink it. And of course figuring out my meal plan.
I’ll take my time for the first plan because I want to source as many recipes as possible.

Tonight for dinner – roast chicken, sauteed rapinin (Canadian Living), Curried Cauliflower (The Healthy Irishman). Will post the recipes soon. Dinner was absolutely delicious, just proving that a detox does not have to be painful. The only ingredient that isn’t on the detox was the agave syrup in the cauliflower, but it could have easily done without. Here’s a picture.

My food photography needs some work. I’ll be sure to practice.

Hmmm…think I can sneak in some Mini Eggs before this starts?


2 responses to “Getting ready…the countdown

  1. Carolyn Edwards

    Wow, Diane you have put so much work in to this site. It is much appreciated!

    • Hey Carolyn! I wish I could say it’s a lot of work, but with the tools out there today, it’s actually pretty easy. Just wait until I get my database of recipes built up!

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