Healthy? Easy!

Or so I hope….

How many times have I said to myself “if I had more time, I’d be healthier.” Well, I’m here to call bull sh*t on myself. You see, I’ve been off work for the past month, and have nothing but time. The question is, have I been healthier? Not a hope in hell. In fact, it’s been worse I’m ashamed to say.

I feel like crap. I’ve started to break out (again). My joints hurt. I have a gluten allergy and allergic to dairy. When I eat gluten and dairy free, I feel great. When I don’t, I have stomach issues, skin issues, joint issues. Hmmm…so with all this going on, why wasn’t I motivated to keep up?I’ll have to figure that one out for myself. But the time is now. After all, my dogs eat better than I do!

I’ve decided that I’m going to kick off my healthy habits. I’ve been up and down many times over the years, and now’s the time.

So who’s going to join me?

I’ve learned a few things that I’m planning :

1) Support is key. People taking the same journey. People to lean on, to commiserate with. To find solutions with. So I’ve started a Facebook group and this blog so we can all support each other.

2) Planning is key. Meal plans, grocery shopping. If you don’t plan, healthier eating is so much harder.

3) There are so many resources out there, and the best way to find them is to share. I’ve spend a lot of time finding resources that I love, and want to let you in on them.

4) Plan to slip up. No one’s perfect, but if you take every slip up as the end, then it really is. So take it for what it is – a slip up. And then get back on track and move on.

My plan to kick this all of is with a detox. Not the radical only-eat-grapefruit kind of detox (I did a fruit/veggie/soup only one last year, so been there, got the badge). This is to me a very healthy way of eating that eliminates foods that cause allergies and for me, inflammation.

The detox will start April 5th (after Easter) and continue until April 30. Which is great timing because I’m climbing mountains the week of May 1st! Working out will definitely be part of it, but I’m starting planning with eating.

I will post the detox guidelines, recipes, meal plan outlines and my favourite resources. Along the way I will post progress. There’s lots of room for comments, so please share how you’re doing as frequently as possible!

The only way to do this is TOGETHER!

If you’re in, leave your comment below!


4 responses to “Healthy? Easy!

  1. Count me in!
    I can relate to the “dog eats better than me” comment. Since I got her, I’m so careful of the type and quantity of food my dog eats. Not so much for me. That’s probably not a good thing.
    Not to say that I want to gnaw on a raw bone, but if I don’t feed junk food to my dog, why do I feed it to myself??

  2. Ok Di lets do this..we will see how it goes with not only my Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and degenerative disc disease but with my Cancer and Radiation therapy..I too want to lose a couple of pounds but most importantly I want my family and I to eat better..I’m not telling them it’s Detox I’m telling them it’s just healthier eating!

  3. I’m in for the healthy eating, gluten/sugar free part! I’ll help with the support end if you help support me with the workout end!! 🙂 That’s where I fall down.

  4. So excited that you guys are in. I’ll post some workout suggestions as well Emily – there are some great (cheap) resources out there!

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