Sugar is Evil

Except for the sugar in Mini Eggs…..kidding, of course.

One of the comments of gotten since starting this (a whole 24 hours ago!) is the difficulty, and some reluctance, of giving up sugar. I came across a couple of articles today that talk about what sugar does to the immune system, and how it can lead to diabetes.

Sugar does not do good things to our bodies, especially refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup (which is in so many things where it has no business being).

The first is from Mark’s Daily Apple, a great website with lots of info and recipes.
I just bought his book Primal Blueprint and am looking forward to reading it.
Sugar Suppresses Immune System

The second is from Healthy Habits. Another great website that I have spent hours reading, and I follow Doug on both Twitter and Facebook (yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands!). This article explains carbs (sugar) and insulin and the effect it has on your body. Why do I crave carbs?


2 responses to “Sugar is Evil

  1. Very cool articles, D! Awesome info.

    Mini Eggs, of course, are the exception to every rule 🙂 Just kidding … why do they have to make them taste so good?

    Sugar actually makes me feel sluggish now. I removed it from my daily diet and now I “know” when I’ve eaten something with too much sugar because it makes me feel SOoo tired!

    So excited about this. Did a short workout yesterday … I am going to keep track of my progress to motivate me to do more.

  2. Ok, So I know it’s only been 24 hours since I started and I know usually you feel yucky..but today I felt really good! ( I’m not waiting to start I gotta do this now!) I take a lot of meds for different things and if I miss them I feel sick and I know it’s withdrawal but today I forgot to take them this morning and I feel really good! I cleaned and made some Granola bars and did laundry..Is this psychological or physical? I don’t know or care all I know is that I feel really good so why analyze it?

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