Organic doesn’t have to be expensive

Organic is pretty much synonymous with paying more. Isn’t it? Well, I found this great article on going organic on a budget at

There are some great suggestions. The first one is to shop at Farmer’s Markets. I’m so excited that it’s almost Farmer’s Market season! There are a couple close to me, and I feel healthier just going to them. I take one of my dogs with me and make it a training session at the same time (yes, I AM a big geek).Check out the link that tells you which fruits and vegetables are worth going organic for so you can prioritize your shopping.

The fact that you can get organic products at Walmart indicates that organic isn’t unattainable anymore. The President’s Choice line at Loblaws has a great organic line-up, which I buy frequently. They even sell Organic Brown Rice pasta! Woohoo!

It also includes suggestions on making your own organic cleaning supplies. Which would be awesome if I cleaned. Well, I do clean, just not that often (not one of my favourite things).

Click for the article How to be Organic on a Budget.


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