Can’t wait to detox. Am I crazy?

That’s right, you heard it here. I’m excited about my detox starting on Monday.

This week I’ve been doing a combination of getting off certain things (ex. coffee) but I’ve also been having a last fling with a few. Take the mini-egg experiment. Awful. Horrific. Then tonight, the Sneaky Dee’s Sangria and fajita experiment. Ay ca rumba.
Another misfire. I haven’t felt so bloated and stuffed in ages. So much so I actually walked home (and ok, truth be told the bloody streetcar took for over! But the walking made me feel much better).

I’m prepared that the first few days are going to be HELL. The headaches, drowsiness, spaced out feeling. Breaking the habit of eating at certain points in time.

But the thought of feeling good and having energy? That is what’s motivating me.

I have to remember this next week. The awful feeling. And did I mention the ringing in my ears?  Yes, tinnitus. It goes away once I’m off the sugar, wheat and caffeine. But they’re ringing loudly now.

3 days till detox!


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