My First week meal plan

The first one is definitely the hardest!

I just finished my meal plan for the first week, and I’m uploading it here if anyone wants to use the same one. After I finish the plan, I now go and update my grocery list for the things that I don’t have on hand. Tomorrow morning I’m heading out grocery shopping (yes, I’m off all week and I do my grocery shopping on Saturday. Go figure).

There’s quite a bit of cooking in this plan, but if you’re going to eat healthy, then you have to cook. There’s no way around it (just ask my idol, Jamie Oliver. Although “idol” is a recent thing – every since I saw his TED talk, I’m in love).
I’ve used leftovers for my lunch, but you could just as easily move the leftovers to dinner and have a salad for lunch, meaning you have to cook fewer days during the week. If I have a busy (or lazy) day during the week, then I can have a salad for lunch and do leftovers for dinner, or alternatively make a salad for dinner and skip one of the meals, substituting for later in the week or early next week. Plan, but be flexible.

I’ve included most of the recipes in my plan, except for the few that I don’t really use a recipe for. You’ll also notice that there is a day where I’ve said “vegetable on sale”, meaning I’ll choose a veggie at the grocery store, depending what’s on sale.

I’ve mixed meals with meat and a couple of vegetarian meals. Make sure that there’s protein with the vegetarian meal. I’ve also included snacks, which I didn’t really schedule per day, but more to have something included. Also notice that there is protein included in the snack. I haven’t decided if I will buy or make hummus! Making it is easy, I just always forget to soak and cook the chickpeas.

detox meal plan 04-05


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