My favourite salad and salad dressing recipes


So, in the spirit of getting things started, I thought I would share my favourite salad right now. And the salad dressing is one of the best I’ve had. It’s light with a little tang, but just enough to enhance the salad. Yum. I make a couple different versions – this one is simpler, but not quite as tangy.

Not that the point is to eat ONLY salad through the detox – there are plenty of wholesome delicious meals that you can make. But salad is definitely a part of it especially with summer coming, a time I find myself eating salads more and more.

Salad dressing is so easy, you never need to buy salad dressing again. It’s such a waste of money, and just have a look at the ingredients and the number of chemicals and preservatives in salad dressing. Share your favourite salad dressing recipe!
Might I also add that I’m finishing my pre-detox days with HEARTBURN!! What the h*LL!! It’s been so long since I’ve had it. And it’s so unpleasant. It will be gone by Tuesday…trust. (BTW – the image is NOT of the salad recipe below. I have to photograph it the next time I make it!)

My favourite salad


lettuce – any type. Romaine, mixed greens


red pepper

cucumber slices

avocado slices

goat cheese (you can skip this if you like, but I like the texture it adds)

grilled chicken

And, for an extra kick, if you have a favourite steamed veggie, you can add a bit in as well. The mix of warm and cold ingredients goes really well.

My favourite salad dressing

Mix equal parts olive oil (or grapeseed oil) and Apple Cider vinegar.

Add a dash of maple syrup (you can skip if you like)

1/4 tsp mustard powder

clove of garlic (optional)

Mix together and serve over salad. You can make for just one salad, or make extra to have on hand.


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