End (almost) of day 1

The first day can be the easiest and the hardest.

The easiest because you’re super motivated to keep on track, which can wear down over time (and forget why you’re doing it). Hardest because you feel the effects of making changes, which can make you crave sugar, coffee, carbs.

I had a great day nutrition wise. Started the day with a glass of warm water with lemon, then a blueberry avocado smoothie, chicken salad for lunch, hummus and carrots for a snack, and grilled salmon with kale and cauliflower puree for dinner. Plus some green tea and LOTS of water.  And 2 good walks with the dogs. Didn’t work out today, but I’ll get that going this week.

NOW’s the hard part. Night. I get bored, I wander into the kitchen to see what there is, find something (usually not a healthy snack), finish that, wander back to the kitchen again…..you see where I’m going.

I’ve broken the cycle before -it takes a few days. But I’ve done it both times on detoxes. The funny thing is that I’ve done weight loss programs in the past and wasn’t able to break the night eating cycle. I believe that it’s the wheat, sugar, coffee and dairy that cause my problems. Without them, I don’t have cravings.

Today I started the book Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. He also has a website called Mark’s Daily Apple. Really great, interesting stuff. He basically says the same thing (except in much more detail and explains why these things are harmful for insulin levels). Worth reading!

All in all a good (so far) day 1. The headaches haven’t started yet, perhaps tomorrow. I’m waiting for the day that my energy comes, and I start cleaning like mad. And I start falling asleep earlier, getting up earlier. Wonder how many days that will take?

How was your first day?


2 responses to “End (almost) of day 1

  1. Headache started this morning…but I went to the gym for a workout at noon (plus I’ve been trying to drink a ton of water) and it has now subsided.
    Yesterday was a better day, but I knew the first week would be the hardest!!

  2. That’s the spirit – when you embrace the headache and those kinds of things, it makes it much easier to handle. I look at it as the bad stuff leaving my body, and that’s a good thing!
    Keep it up Kim!

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