Supportive or not?

We have this argument all the time. My fiance is a skinny minnie who can eat anything he wants. He regularly eats Whoppers for lunch and some days he eats 4. Needless to say, he doesn’t like healthy food, and will rarely eat it. We have 10 frozen pizzas in the freezer at any one time, and if I’m out and he’s in charge of dinner, that’s what he makes.

So when he grocery shops, most of what he buys is junk. Loverly.

Don’t get me wrong. He’s not trying to be a jerk or unsupportive, but that’s just all he likes to eat, and feels that because he’s skinny, he can. I think it’s more not understanding the other side.

My side is that when you’re trying to eat healthy, it’s much harder to do it when there’s junk in the house, and I would prefer not to have it here. He tells me to have willpower. Well, guess what. I just eat it when he’s asleep!

I want to ask you…..when you’re on a healthy kick (which may be sometimes or may be regularly), can your partner/roommate have junk food in the house?


6 responses to “Supportive or not?

  1. If there is junkfood in the house, it will find it’s way into my mouth.
    Right now (I must admit), I have a 80% dark chocolate bar in the house – it is my treat and since I’ve read that dark chocolate is now considered healthy, I’m not going to consider it junk food 🙂

  2. I think a little dark chocolate never hurt anyone! But I’m saving that until after my 4 week detox period! Then I’ll had back other healthier options. But you have control of what comes into the house. Would you let someone else bring unhealthy stuff in?

  3. Let’s divide “junk food” up into categories. There’s junk food they like and you don’t care about (let’s call that Pizza, for the sake of brevity), the junk food they like and you might eat (let’s call that Cookies), and the junk food they like that you can’t resist (let’s call that Chocolate).

    Encourage a supportive partner to bring only portion-controlled Cookies into the house, and help you enjoy them in moderation. Welcome plenty of Pizza. And ask them the get their Chocolate fix off-site. Then they’ve got treats in their own home, but they’re not sabotaging your efforts to eat healthily.

  4. I remember how hard it was to quit smoking and when there was another smoker in the house forget it..too tempting..same with eating healthy..I have a skinny son and he can eat anything but that doesn’t mean that it’s good for him.. I think that if he eats one meal out of the house…say lunch then the other joint meal should show support and he eat “healthy”.. mind you I”m the decision maker here when it comes to shopping and I know how hard it is to eat “healthy” when you have a skinny significant other and they don’t want to…my willpower is not that great..also point out to him it’s not forever just for a few weeks to get you going on the right track and build up your resistance..

  5. Linda – that’s great advice! I had never thought of it that way. Although my list of junk food is probably longer than his list of healthy food he’ll eat. :-0
    Wendy – agreed. I quit smoking and he still smokes. But somehow that wasn’t as hard. He will eat some healthy stuff, but tonight, we had salmon, kale and cauliflower – all he ate was salmon. He’ll be tough to convert – not impossible, but tough!

  6. I like to remind my kids that if they or I can’t pronounce the ingredients in the item then we can’t eat it! My husband isn’t a sweets guy or junk food guy much so I never have to worry about him

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