Delivering happiness

That’s literally what happened to me this morning. Someone delivered happiness to my door.

First there was a knock on the door. It was UPS with a package for me (for a change! It’s usually something coming for Jay from Ebay). He opened the package (nosy!) and in it was 2 ADVANCE copies of Tony Hsieh’s new book Delivering Happiness. Don’t know Tony Hsieh? He’s the CEO of Don’t know Zappos is known for it’s culture of customer service. Go check it out for a huge selection of footwear and clothing – I’ve been ordering from Zappos for a while. Never heard of Delivering Happiness?

Exactly. IT’S NOT RELEASED YET. And I got a copy. Woohoo! Actually I have 2 copies, and will be giving the other copy away in the upcoming weeks.

It all started out innocent enough. I saw a tweet that someone was reading Tony’s upcoming book, and I went to the Delivering Happiness book site to check it out. While I was there I noticed that if you had a blog, you could apply to receive an advance copy of the book. What the heck – I filled it out. After all, I have this little blog, and I had been blogging for 3 whole days. I never expected to hear anything back.


So Tony, you did Deliver Happiness, right to my door. I’m so excited – this stuff rarely happens to me. I’m excited for two reasons – not having a job, anything you get for free ROCKS. But I’m really interested to see what Tony has to say, and I’m sure this is going to inspire me.

The book is released June 7, and I’ll be posting a review that week.

Oh, yeah. How does this relate to my Healthy Should be Easy? Simple. Following your passion, finding your happiness is so critical to your health. You know how hard stress is on both your mind and body, so do what you can to overcome the stress.

Find something this week that makes you happy!


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