The first 48

2 days of REALLY healthy eating. WOOHOO!

First hurdle – I didn’t eat anything after dinner last night. That’s huge. Tonight – so far, so good. I had some camomile tea to relax after dinner.

I do have to admit that today was a bit harder than yesterday. It was the afternoon that got me. I had an apple with almond butter but got hungry shortly after. So had a carrot with hummus, then was ok.

Last night I went to sleep earlier than I have in a while – I was actually tired at 11. That’s what happens when you don’t have stimulants and allergens holding you down!

Today went something like this. I actually got up at 8:30, no alarm. WHAA?? First time in a long time. So that part was great.Then warm water with lemon to start, Strawberry/banana smoothie breakfast, chicken salad with apple cider vinegar salad for lunch, apple with almond butter, carrot with hummus, then for dinner, mango ginger chicken, sweet potato puree (sweet potato with it’s own liquid and a tiny bit of butter), kale.

All in all, I feel great. My mind isn’t clear yet – had a little headache today, not bad. But I did start by cleaning the oven today. Then straightened up a few things. Cleaned up after dinner (which sometimes waits until morning).

I’m seeing other signs of detoxing – my skin is breaking out (lovely), my joints are achy, I have the runs (uh, yeah, sorry about that – but it’s true and it often happens when you stop eating the crappy food!). I know I’m going to feel great by the end of the week. Although other than walks with the dogs, the workouts will need to be stepped up.

The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson is an amazing book. I’m pretty sure I’ll finish it tonight. I love the way he thinks, what he’s recommending. Love how he reiterates how conventional thinking for nutrition is WRONG. We don’t need grains, and our body doesn’t process them properly. I’m pretty much following his recommendations right now, other than a bit of hummus and sweet potato (which are on the “sometimes” list).

Bring on Day 3!

Don’t forget to check in and let me know how you’re doing!


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