My brain….accelerated

Holy cow. I feel like someone just put the petal to the metal inside my head. Time: 12:23.

All of a sudden I’m experiencing an acceleration in brain function. My head is not quite clear (not quite seeing as if I have new contacts). But now I see what all of these things (caffeine, sugar, wheat) have been doing to my body – SLOWING IT DOWN.

My brain is pumping so many ideas through my head, I can’t keep up. My fingers can’t keep up. I hope this slows down or I will get NOTHING done! (Mental picture of me here, fingers flying on the keyboard. I had to read this twice as the first time I went so fast it didn’t make sense!)

I’ve made so many plans in my head already. When do I have time to do all this? Clarity will come, along with priority….but the most amazing thing I’m feeling right now is my attitude. Ahhhhh….

Obviously the rice haze is gone today – thank goodness. Had the leftover shrimp curry for lunch, but like a soup (no rice). Will post the recipe – it’s delicious.

Wow – it’s almost so fast I can’t focus! I need to start writing stuff down to slow it down.

Busy afternoon – a meeting about a job then I’m off to train dogs at Toronto Animal Services. Yammamama.

If you haven’t been following, I’ve been on a (healthy) detox since Monday, and just starting to feel the positive effects.

Maybe that’s why we use stimulants (coffee, alcohol, sugar)….to actually slow the brain down so we don’t have to keep up. Imagine now, if my brain keeps working this way. How can I sit and watch TV? BORING? What will I want to do? Get out of my chair and move around.

Oh my. I may have had a breakthrough….


2 responses to “My brain….accelerated

  1. Good for you Di!! I was doing quite well ( the occasional little indulgence) and then…there was a sale on easter chocolate and I bought a little something thinking I would give it to my daughter… unfortunately I ate it and now feel so sick!! YUCK! But this morning I was up at 7 and went for a 15km walk!!! I know I’m gonna be sore but I figure I will be in bed for a few days and I needed the exercise!!
    I’m gonna go lie down..i feel so yucky from chocolate!!

  2. Wow – 15km. Way to go Wendy! That’s amazing.

    It’s funny – when you eat well, you really notice the impact from the not-so-healthy foods.

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