Cross your fingers and hope it lasts!

Day 11 report.

I’m having a hard time believing it myself. I haven’t felt hungry for days. And it’s not as if I’m eating all the time…in fact the last 2 days, I skipped lunch. Not just because I got busy in the middle of the day but because I wasn’t really hungry. I’m crossing my fingers that this lasts!

Take yesterday. I had an omelette for breakfast around 10:30, then had a couple energy balls in the afternoon, let’s say around 4 (see the recipe here). I had a private dog training session, and didn’t get home until 9. AND I WASN’T HUNGRY. My blood sugar doesn’t seem to be spiking and falling the way it used to. I remember getting up in the morning and feeling so hungry I would almost feel nauseous after a night of high carb/sugar eating. Now…nothing. I’m not hungry in the morning. I’m not hungry in the evening.

I did eat the most delicious salad for dinner last night when I got home. I’ve posted my favourite salad recipe here.

I’m wondering how long this will last. I’m hoping that maybe I’ve found the key.

Here’s what I think is the reason – increased protein (not huge amounts, but a bit of protein at every meal, which is what the holistic nutritionist and naturopath recommended). Increased fat (coconut milk, olive oil, animal fat, nuts, little bits of butter). Lots of fibre through fruit and veggies. No simple carbs (no wheat, rice, grains of any kind).

Maybe this is what normal people feel!


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