Does Healthy cure all?

Can being healthy cure all?

I’ve been asking myself this quite a bit this week. You see, I started this whole thing because I’ve felt like crap for the past few months. And I’ll lay it on the table. I got laid off from my job a month and a half ago, and ate junk for the first 3 weeks (see my Mini Egg fiasco). Until I couldn’t take it anymore. I was tired of feeling crappy, tired and fat.

I had a thought – maybe if I made myself eat healthier, I’d feel better and be more motivated to do something about my work situation.

My first instinct was that for me to be successful, I should get other people on board for support. Hence the blog.

And the results? I am quite happy with how (relatively) easy it’s been for me to eat healthy over the last 2 weeks (which is inspiring me to help others find it easy too). I’ve stayed on track and have enjoyed some absolutely fabulous meals. But my problem has never been eating healthy for a short period of time. I can get myself to do anything for a few weeks (even the juice/soup detox I did last year for over 3 weeks). It’s the long term commitment.

I’ve even felt better physically over the past week – more energy, no crashes, better sleep. I haven’t been doing a lot of working out, other than my walks two times a day with my dogs.

But I haven’t felt better mentally. I’m still beating myself up other things, getting discouraged. Not sure what to do. Maybe feeling healthy will set me up for feeling better mentally soon. If the physical is there, the mental part has to come soon.

Doesn’t it?

I guess I’ll find out soon how much of an impact being healthy can have. And don’t worry – I’ll share…


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