This site is to help make living healthier easy. Yep, I said easy. In some ways, it’s my experiment to see how it can happen. At best case, it will motivate me to live my healthy life, and give others inspiration and tools to do the same. At worst case, I’ll get some info about what works and what doesn’t!

I’m an advocate for having my dogs eat a preservative, carbohydrate free diet (I feed raw). It’s time to do that for myself!

I’m not an expert by any means. I’m just a person who’s tired of feeling tired with no energy all the time. I’ve been on diets, been to experts, read books, you name it. But it’s much harder to change all alone, so I thought why not do it with other people for inspiration and support?

My dream is to build a community where we support each other and help each other out. The one thing I am good at is finding great resources, so that’s where I’ll start. We’ll see where it goes from there.

My main criteria is how to make this EASY. There are 3 criteria: Anything we find has to be simple. It has to be cost effective (or save money – that’s even better!). And it has to be HEALTHY!

I think I define healthy differently than other people. I don’t buy into all the mainstream crap. Especially as I have allergies to gluten and dairy, so I have to think differently about it. Most of my resources are gluten/dairy/sugar free. I am really intrigued by the Paleo diet, so have some resources on that. And I’m building my resources for exercise and working out.

Welcome and I’m looking forward to learning from everyone. Please introduce yourself!


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Di

    Happy to join in, sugar is my weakness since I love to cook and bake. My kitchen is under construction right now so I have no oven. I am left with the BBQ, microwave and slow cooker which don’t lend well to baking!!

  2. Hi Tami! You’re very healthy, so I would love for you to share what you do. I’ve got some recipes that cut out the sugar. And once you’re off it for a bit, you feel better. But it’s a difficult one, no doubt about it. I would love it if you would give us some workout tips too!

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